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I am tired now…
Getting anxiety attacks… Vomiting… Headache…
I don’t have any aim in life…
Life seem so hopeless…

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Hey relax champ this all things happens

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Riya Ghosh @riyaghosh

Wht happened with you??
Is everything alright?
A life can never be hopeless.
There is hope in everything around us.
Just we need to have a look on it.

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Its not you… this is not you… your anxiety does not define you… its the chemical imbalance in your brain right now… which is not letting you think straight.
Please see a pyschiatrist in your locality… and seek meds…
dont worry of what people would say… these meds will help you to think straight
and its not that you will be dependent on these meds

I suffer from severe depression and anxiety and I know what you are saying. I took meds for few years… started working out, journaling, having a routine and now i m off the meds

Please please seek a doctor



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