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I am someone who has been left alone by people far many times in a very short life. So somewhere along the way I stopped trusting people, and now it has become second nature for me to keep people at a distance. I dont need to try or even think about it, it just happens. But the onne constant in my life has been my sister.
She is so strong, and good and intelligent. We were like partners since both of us were a bit too matured to participate in the family drama that always goes around. And we always had each other’s back. Our relationship was a bit strange…we didnt say we love each other, we didnt show it either. We just stood up or each other when it mattered. And it mattered often because my sister doesnt really get along with people.
But then she went to hyderabad with her colleagues for 6 weeks and didnt want to come back I get it. I understand. She had always wanted to get away from this place and i had always wanted to go out. But now its like she has become a different person. She refuses to interact with anyone in the family…she wont talk…she wont even make any effort. And she is always irritated. Its like she came back to kolkata but didnt come back home. And i just think if she wasnt ready she shouldnt have come at all. I dont know if its fair of me to get mad, but she was all i had. And i have always supported her even now when my she and my mother are in a bad place. And now she has refused to come to the only holiday we have planned in years because she thinks our mother will get too dependent on her once again. But i cant help thinking thats just an excuse. I dont know…i just wish things didnt have to change…and i wish i didnt react so badly to it. Any advice?

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Hey, I completely understand how it feels when the person you love the most, get distant.

Just talk to her, and tell her about how You feel or write to her, stating exactly what you feel and how much you mean to her. Sometimes it’s important to remind people how much they mean to you.🌻🌼