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I am so tired of parents. I am not able to handle it now, it’s like it’s beyond me how I am even here living with them. The past 1 year was not at all good for me. I just somehow survived through all of that, I mean yes there are days where they are very good and loving kind of. But then I remember and think whether it was all a hoax or something. I mean I am crying like fuck right now. And I just wanted all that disappointment? negative thought? gone from me. How can you do that to your own child? Put all the blame, Point silliest things out all day, every second. Say things like “you’d never succeeded in life”, “Waste of space” all freaking day. I mean weren’t they supposed to understand me? Love through thick and thin and all that bullshit?


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You know just one thing that stucks in my mind every now and then, just because they are family they aren’t allowed to manipulate and hurt us every now and then. People have good vibes and great family memories but sometimes it’s all awful for someone, I have seen it with hell lot of people… don’t expect anything from them. Just try to make yourself happy for your own betterment ! Things will change for yourself. Find good friends and stay happy with them !!


I would, I guess everybody would. But the thing is I am dependent on them. I am in their house. Everything I do can be restricted. Why? Because of the one line I listen- " This is my house, my rules. You are nothing." my mom says. Every day.
I really hope it changes. God! This lockdown and corona shit needs to go now.

Yeah !!! That’s why we have to hear their words every now and then. Koi na get thoda sa corner for yourself to. It won’t be that difficult. Like here you are expressing these emotions and being brave to communicate with so many strangers so you love yourself too like that only !!! 🌸🤍

Not all parents can be understanding and too much caring… Some are pretty arrogant… Some much worse than all others… But until we become independent and can firmly stand on our feet we are ultimately dependent on them… But that doesn’t give them and right to say such things… It’s very wrong… Especially when they are not even giving a little consideration for you… It hurts more than anything to hear such words coming from parents… You can try shouting, making a big tantrum… Or you can try ignoring these… Or you can try your best to prove them wrong however long it may take… And I guarantee that you should pick the last option… Make them regret the words they said to you… That’ll be your biggest success… By proving them wrong about you… Try hard and never give up…keep on charging ahead towards your goals till you make them ashamed of what they said to you🙃


I don’t think my parents are going to regret their words. If I do become successful someday, they’d be like- “If we had never said those words, you won’t be here!” and I can guarantee that.
All I am doing now is, I lock myself in my room, because it’s like out of sight, out mind kinda thing.

You’ll never know… So Just keep trying hard for now and make yourself a priority… Ignore the words that’s hurting you… Achieve your goals…