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I AM RECOVERING!! There is this one artist that I used to hear a lot around the time I got the trauma that led to my PTSD but yesterday I listened to 2 of the songs which used to trigger me and nothing happened!!! I didn’t feel pain, didn’t get emotional or have flashbacks!! I’m recovering guys!! 😄😄😄 I know I’m likely going to feel bad again later, but for now I’m happy


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I am so so happy to hear this. And it’s an ever progressive development. 🌻🏵️🌈

:D thank you


Aww I am so happy for you and genuinely you recover like this fast and able to move forward in life with lots of happiness…yeah there will be difficulties, problems and sadness along the journey but just stay strong like this and happiness will come back in your life itself🤍

thank you heaps for your support!! :)


That’s amazing and thanks for sharing that. We’re here for you and rooting for team @ijustneedhelpdude 😃

This means so much to me! Thank you really, I’m touched by this care :D

It makes me so happy to hear that! Just so hopeful!🧡
Hope you gradually get back everything you long for in your life as I know how it feels. 🧡
So happy to hear that, keep going and very happy to see you acknowledging your happiness even if you know you might be sad later. You are focusing on happiness and so it will grow. 🧡

Thank you!! I feel so happy to know people are supporting me


Keep going💞


That’s great!!! I’m happy your getting better :)

:D thanks! My depression is still pretty rough, but at least one thing is getting better! Progress :)


Progress is always good! ^^