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I am not sure how my mind even finds ways to obsess about this stuff but i have bad posture and whenever i see a photo of myself or a reflection i immediately see the bent back and rounded shoulders and a sense of shame overcomes me. I am not sure why. This is an insecurity that weighs heavily on my shoulders (pun unintended). How something like this can make me feel physically unappealing and make me have body issues i did not know i had is baffling.

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Simran @simran1


I had this phase too, and I was rebuked by my mother a lot which helped me actively work on my posture. You should find yourself a spotter, who can constantly keep reminding you to push your shoulders back, you can even set up reminder on your phone on an hourly basis. You don’t have to worry about it, you can correct your posture if you wish to, just be strong willed and you will be able to make it happen ?

Shivam Ahuja @shivamahuja


Hey! This happens with me too. I am just trying to correct it by keeping 4-5 checkpoints. The points are -
1) Use a earphone while using my phone and not bend weirdly
2) Keep the laptop level to my eyes, or atleast at a greater height than before
3) Staying active by just walking around and not sty seated at one point for long
4) Trying to get the correct posture in a habit whenever i remember im going wrong

I saw a video by β€˜From Mind To Muscle’ on instagram. That has helped me. Do check that out!

Have a good day!

Khushboo @khushboo


Hello, thanks for sharing your problems with us. Even i suffer the same. Try to improve the posture and inculcation good values improving your health. Don’t worry about it as you can easily have a good posture if you are willing. All the best.


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