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Blue @royal_blue

I am not doing ok. Hello My name is Leo.
My problem lies with my friends. I’m often treated as an outcast, and barely vent. Everything is always about them and I hate it. Every time I feel sad or am not having a good day thry constantly compare their trauma to mine.

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Hey, it has happened to me. They’re not real friends, real ones don’t feel the need to have a sort of “competition” with you, especially in comparing emotions. Everyone is different and has different problems, friends should support each other, like today I talk to you about my insecurities and ask for help, and the next day its your turn. It’s about giving and receiving. I don’t know how old you are, I’m 18 so I’m not a grown woman with experience, but I can tell you there always will be someone that cares sincerely about you and would do anything to make you feel happy. Just wait for them, and, while you do it, focus on your own person and grow. Try new Hobbys, find a way to express yourself. In the mean time, I wish you the best and send you lots of love

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This thought has been deleted by the thought author

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