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I am literally getting criticized at my home all the time if i study also they just keep teasing me all the time and they just pressure me to get always 99% in case if i get 95% also they just criticize me. I don’t even have my own privacy they just keep reading my texts. Even though i don’t like it. I feel just i don’t have any privacy at house at all i am literally fucked up and they just keep tell me u shld top in competitive exam. Even if I top in competitive exam also it’s not the one i want to write i want to be a doctor but they just tell me to be engineer because they want me to make a short time money making machine all they want is to be a money making machine just because i am a girl they have rights to all my privacy. They just keep checking my history and everything i feel i am not safe at home. Even i want to study in abroad just hecause i am a girl i don’t have any freedom to leave my country and i am literally frustrated

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You are trapped in a toxic household and you are a girl… And India it is a cursed life especially when your parents are like this… But do you have anyone in your family that you can talk about this to… So that they can make your parents understand… If that’s not possible… Have you tried asking them to let you write NEET so that you can pursue your dream of becoming a doctor… You can try and make them realise being doctor has many advantages to it… And you love to become one… If even that’s not possible… Do you need someone talk to… Just listen to you… Many are here including me… So just try to focus on yourself… It’s not your fault you had to go through all this… Just hang in there… Okay… Don’t lose hope…

Actually no one in my family is there to express my feelings so tht they can go speak with my parents. If i speak with they don’t even believe what i tell they just doubt me for wht i do like if i study straight 6am to 6pm they doubt for tht also like sitting in room in front of ur computer what are you doing whether ur studying or no thn finally theu took my computer also. So i don’t get any chance friends nor relatives to speak for myself and my parents wont allow me to do also. After studying so much also i ll be getting scolding like you don’t work at house what sort of a girl are you. If give back answers they scold me for hours together. i am not myself at all. I am just a puppet to them. I can’t even express my self.

You are all alone in this environment without anyone on your side… I’m sorry that you have to go through all this… I don’t even know what to say… Just stay strong okay… Some way will open up for you… I really hope something does… Just hang in there okay… If you need someone to talk to just send a reply or just send a message on my Instagram ~
Just don’t lose hope yet okay…

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Same and this is just a beginning all the day the parent cam do ome thing is criticizing and kiling the confidence rather than encouraging and giving hope… u r not alone… the mature i got the well i understand the mindset amd make me realise the how many pretentious person are surrounded