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I am just 16 ,I am feeling so useless today ,they say me I am not beutiful bec I am dark ,they say I don’t have right to do anything ,I can’t love someone nor they love me ,I can’t wear the one I like nor they ACC what I wore ,I am feeling like a sinned person, it looks like there was no space for dark faces, I really wanted to be strong and face back but those hurtful and unfair words killing badly

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heyy honey none of that!! Your brown skin is poppin! My brown skin is poppin too! People who need to bring you down over something as dumb as skin color need to grow up, they are some immature, nasty, and insecure bitches. Do not feel bad over what they got to say! Have self-respect, and when they talk shit, talk shit back, dont let them make you silenced. Our melanin is a blessing, idc what those privileged white kids say


🥺😔tysm for the reply, I am still trying harder to fight back

Hey beautiful, firstly, whomever you’re addressing as “they” has to really get themselves checked because the problem lies with their brain circuit. Don’t let “they” define you and tell you what you are because trust me no one has the right to do so, but I also know that “they” will try their level best to drag your confidence down but I beg you to ignore “they” as much as possible.
Keep strong and have your head held high.
Lots of love🌈🌼🌻🌻



Hey. You are not a sinner for being yourself. Few things you could try to do before fighting back are:
- Be comfortable in your own skin first. Feel proud when you look yourself in the mirror. You are beautiful and you know it.
- Change starts from you. So when you understand yourself better and know what you deserve you will get confidence to fight back and you will fight back.

All the best. Remember it is your life. Other people have their own shit load of insecurities too. Dont let their peanut sized brains rule you.




Its fine …bro chill…I’m also dark and I’m 15 and I’ve gotten many bad comments from people about how I look and my skin color…my brother went on my face sometimes my classmate too…and it did affected me a lot but now I really think that I don’t need to worry …I’m not born to meet their beauty standards…I’m not born to impress someone…if they find me unattractive and ugly thats their opinion…I can’t change it and I don’t want to…just because youre dark doesn’t mean you can’t do anything …do whatever you want …just ignore these people they don’t realize how it feels…I live in a place where beauty is everything…if you r beautiful you are perfect…but I don’t care now I will be the way I am …if someone doesn’t like me its fine…don’t let it get to you…I hope you ignore those idiots…all the best😁