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I am having covid symptoms all of them, and i can’t tell my family as they will take tension as i am living alone in other city. I took RT PCR and from 3 days i am not able to get my reports as sudden rise in cases .I am feeling frustrated and angry .Need some positivity to pass through this phase. Please talk


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Don’t worry buddy…COV SARS-2 mainly affects lungs and until your breathing pattern seems to be normal you are fine and i would suggest that get a Oximeter by which you yourself can monitor your Oxygen levels and that’s the most reliable factor to consider !!
You can reach to me for any other query !! Take care ✨

Just calm down. And take all the precautions that you can take on your own like stay sanitised , use maks…my close frand got covid too and he used to like do yoga and meditation and drink giloy or lemonade. Might help.