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I am having a major depressive crisis with my family. They are big time narcissist and invalidating of pain idk where to go…I want to run away and never ever see them. I wish someone gets me.


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i felt that on another level, sometimes i want to disappear and run away and never see them again, i dunno i want them to be sad and frantically look for me but i don’t think they’d be that sad. i’m the middle child, forgotten and the one with the most “issues” sometimes i was scream and break everything around me. i never cry cuz i don’t want pity and to be more of a burden to them. I don’t know your story but if you ever wanna talk i’m here :)


I understand you bud, but, you know sometimes we need to be strong and I know you can handle this just trust yourself it’s okay if you wanna cry just make sure you don’t do something stupid.


I TOTALLY GET YOU. i just like wanna be independant and live life on my terms.
Its like they always wanna slut shame you. you are a girl dont do this, dont wear that, what will people say, your father wont like it, blah blah
fucking bullshit
just have hope .
its like i just wanna scream “fuck you, fuck this”
but i cant
all these emotions are just bottled up.


Thank you all for replying. Idk when will this get better. My parents are very emotionally unavailable…they don’t even bother coming to me asking me how am I there is so much denial and all…there is so much gaslighting I am beginning to doubt my own reality