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I am feeling very mehh.
Today after broken sleep but getting sleep, i am insomniac again…it is scary bcoz now i am in cousin’s house but soon again in 4 days i am going back to my pg…there i will be all the more alone in my room.

anyways, just trying to hang on.

Feeling anxious too, in my body and otherwise.
Earlier, i could type so much on my phone and laptop in good typing speed, now i can’t type that fast or properly without making any typing errors…even on phone unable to type properly.
So much of worry and stress within me.

I hope my worries find a vent and a way.

idk, but i hope i am not alone and i find a solace. This is truly ripping off. There is insecurity, when willall this end; all this worry, all this tension. , all this anxiety, all these sleep less nights…i’ve had far too many now

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Shalin Gupta @shalin99

You can’t sleep either? What you’re doing now then?


Did some scrolling on insta. Messaged one influencer i look upto, msgsed her abt loneliness. My right hand is paining. and so is my operated tooth.

Just somehow typed 2 emails, will try and sleep/scroll on fb. idk

Shalin Gupta @shalin99

Okay then take care of yourself, it will get better everything will get better just be strong

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