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I am feeling nothing just empty. I am tired of everything just not in a mood to forget evrything and enjoy . I am overthinking, there are lot of moodswings going on and the main point is i cant control myself


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Hey mood swings are normal and you don’t need to control them! if you feel sad talk it out, if you wanna cry,cry like you’re never going to cry again:)
You’re normal you just need a friend to talk and i can be that friend!


i totally feel you man bruh. im in the very same position now. but i feel you should just concentrate on yourself. focus on your interests, do things you like and by doing this, just don’t let any negative thoughts come in to your mind. sounds tough and is tough as well, but will get easy. things will be okay when you choose to look at the positive side of things bro. don’t worry, engage yourself in activities. change your thinking into something positive. sending you love<3


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