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Depression Trigger Warning

I am feeling like no one loves me.I think I like someone. But a few weeks ago, I never confess to him but feeling like I got rejected. He is the one who gave me hopes but he suddenly changed I think. And now I’m feeling like I was played like a toy and I hate myself too much.

Post anonymously?

First of all, till the time you actually don’t know about his feeling whatever you assume is your responsibility and not his. So, don’t put this on him and say you “were played like a toy”. It’s wrong to victimize yourself and blamesomeone else for your feelings.

Only when he agrees to what you just mentioned above then use these words. It justifies your feelings. Till then, it’s much better to tell him how you feel and see what is there for you or continue with assuming things with no clarity.


Thank u! I feel okay rn😆


Please do not hate yourself because of him, it’s ok to feel annoyed but do NOT hate yourself. You didn’t confess to him so you never had a conversation about how you feel and what’s going to happen next. I guess you should talk to him and be honest about your feelings, if he feels the same way then it’s the beginning of a wonderful love story, if not then it’s ok I’m sure you’ll find someone else makes you happy and truly loves you. Ask him what’s going on with him and why he changed, maybe he needs you as a friend rn more than a lover and that’s ok because you’ll have these days too, it happens for everyone. Just be honest and everything will be fine no matter what happens next. Please remember that you are a powerful and amazing person, don’t let anyone makes you feel the opposite. You deserve happiness.🥰


thank you!!!


Never put your worth in someone else’s hand! I’m sure your amazing inside and out. Keep your head up, anyone who make you feel that way cut them out


I’m okay. I really appreciate😉


if it didn’t work then it was not love . don’t give you would find the right one.