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I am feeling betrayed, alone, lost… my husband say I argue a lot… while I just want to consult a good doctor for my son (1.5 years old) who hasn’t eaten well since past 4-5 months… he is having frequent fevers… to be honest I am genuinely afraid for him… whenever I ask my husband to consult a good doctor for my kids (3 year old girl and boy)… he just start behaving rude… when I ask for why don’t we talk anymore he says I argue a lot, badtameej hu, har samay ladti hu, surpanakha hu…

My husband has brought me to a place to live in where there are no cretches, plus no job opportunities for me… still he curse me saying u don’t work… job nhi karti ho… karti hoti to pata chalta…

2nd child was forced on me by him… saying we need atleast 2 children… I told him then… I dont think I am ready for raising 2 under 2… he didn’t listen…

Now it’s been 4.5 years probably I feel like I haven’t slept well…

I have put on a serious weight because of childbirth, sleepless nights, haphazard schedule, anxiety, stress, heredity… this has shattered my confidence further…

My mom passed away way before I married. My husband was highly influenced by presence of my father… but ever since my dad demised I witnessed opposite of the man that I married…

I feel that my husband feels now that no one is there who would speak on my behalf, he can do what ever he wants…

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numan @numanisbhat

Kids are blessings don’t blame them , unsey pucho jinko bache ni hotey .
And your husband need to calm down and think getting married is taking responsibilities.


Your husband is worst guy, it’s not your kids, he should have understood it’s our kids, but it seems he don’t care about his kids. You married a wrong guy


Sorry if it seems rude but I am spitting facts only. You can share your pain with me as suffering alone and keeping things to yourself will be bad for your health


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