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I am dying from inside…giving myself support every min giving myself hope but still nothing working… i just need someone saying everything is gonna be fine and a pat on my shoulder… some empathy… i have thoughts like something happens to me and i end up in hospital so that my physical pain is more than emotional pain 😭😭 i cant even go to my mom … if i go to her and lay on her lap i will def cry and things will go worse… crying in a dark room is better i guess


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I can understand how it feels to pen such things, frankly speaking:

You don’t need no one to say everything is going to be fine, because I guess from your thoughts I can gather that you are someone who knows the outcome of every action you do (when you mentioned that if you go to your mum…). Today I might be here to pat on your shoulder to say “all’s gonna be fine” but what about tomorrow and the day after?. Hence you need a self pat to calm you down and be just concerned but not worried.

Certain things in life are not under control (sadly under no one’s control either), hence life is what happens while we plan it. As you know we all live on “hope” that tomorrow comes, that we don’t miss he airplane" or “the bus”, all of us cling to hope and sleep in the night awaiting dawn.

Crying is always good, but only when you think crying is like being in a tunnel and you’d come out of it shortly to see a bright light while making sure you’d never enter in same tunnel (reason) again 😀.


Thanks mate… i think i needed that… i need to pat myself because eventhough i am surrounded with everyone yet i feel alone… so i need to learn how to live alone


Thanks to appreciate it, and what I mean from a broader concept is you need to learn to live more (drive more) and you’d see many lone moments (tunnels) but what’s more important is you enjoy the journey.

Adios !!


Thanks i will try my best 😇