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I am doing good in general, except this one friend who played me lol. A couple of weeks ago in the middle of a conversation, he said he would have asked me out a long time ago if his life had been a little more stable and he had more free time from work. He said this after he said that he misses being in a relationship. Now, this could be an honest confession to a friend or it could be a hint. I am not sure what it is. Now I am overthinking the hell out of this one sentence and developing a crush on him on the side. Do you think he played me lol?

Post anonymously?

Hey this is my opinion, i am not sure if it will resonate with you. First off, Glad to know that everything is going good in your life at this point of time but No, I genuinely do not think he played you. I have dealt with someone who could not be in a relationship because of his responsibilities and priorities that he has to fullfill.
Sometimes men think that if they have responsibilites on their plate and they might enter into a relationship with you and might not be able to give their best and they might fear loosing you. It can be the case here too. Also considering he is your friend, as far as I know most people want a relationship with their friend their biggest fear is loosing that friendship.

I think you should talk to him and be like I understand that it was the case then but what do you want now as in do you want to keep working and be in a commitment and like if he says yes, you can also tell him I am fond of you and one advice: i think it is truly wonderful when love turns into friendship, so keep your mind open!


No I don’t think he played you. Have a talk with each other on your common interests and see how it goes. Wishing you the best of luck and love