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I am afraid of speaking in english at all. But the words not comes in my mind. This is the main reason that I don’t know how to speak english. And the most important thing is I don’t have anybody to speak with me in english. I am very shy and quite person who doesn’t involve in any activity or function. I have a small friend circle of just 2 friends and I don’t even talk with them daily. Actually I even don’t have good communication skills in my mother toung. But I am trying to expand my friend circle and I have started to listen some english videos which will definately help me to learn speaking in english.

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I can help you with this and don’t worry no one gonna judge you here . I can be you friend .


Hey so I will tell you basic things about it i’m also very shy when it comes to English but more than English it’s important how confidently you talk sometimes even if it’s wrong English but you say it confidently they won’t know and for better English I would say download Duolingo watch English series listen to English songs and watch English youtubers and whenever go out suppose even if it’s a train and you want to help or ask for help ask in English it’s easy to talk in English with unknown people rather than talking in English with known this is my opinion though idk about others hope you feel more confident now onwards and I’m here for help anytime


That is a great first step. Up for some communication to improve your skills?? I’m not sure I’ll be able to be available all the time, but I can take some time out.
I’m pretty good at English and my native language is Hindi, plus I’m learning French and Russian nowadays.

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