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I am actually bisexual.I had figured this when i was quite young. I masturabte to both men and women. Since i come from a very conservative and orthodox muslim family , I can and I will never come out. From the outside , I look very religious and practise but only I know what i really believe in. Recently, I got married. Eventhough , our sexual life is going good. I still feel that void and want to have it with a woman . i have never told my husband that im bi.i feel like im cheating him by not telling him.

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Hey, I think feeling can be suppressed if you want. Since you are saying that u feel like being with a woman which is a sign that it is there after the marriage as well. So, you should try considering not to think about this and move on in your life with your husband.
But if the thoughts are coming back and fourth, then yes, you should talk to your husband and kind of prepare your mindset for his reaction as well.


Hey never ever try to share this situation with your husband he will never understand this it might create some problems for you. it’s something normal don’t worry slowly you will become careless about it just stop thinking too much about it live a happy life