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I am a student currently
I procrastinate a lot…like i have so much work pending
and i am kinda addicted to social media
and i am not at all productive these days
i delete the apps but after some hours i can’t control and install it again…
this is affecting my studies and mental health a lot please help me

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I know the solution of this problem but I’ll only give when you are ready to hear the solution, are you??


yes sure


So the solution is if you have someone to study with like if you have company all the distraction goes away …make daily goals stick to it…and after them give some prize to yourself like do whatever excites you more,
And also study in front of your parents this really works well😅


yeah…the group study thing i have tried and every time we end up gossiping so no option
and yes the second option of parents one is nice but it might get too much pressure on me i guess

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Okay thanks

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