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I am a person who’s not sure what I want. When it comes to job I cant stay in a place and work. Like infront of pc or laptop working like robots for 8 hours. You will have break time and have to back within that given time. After 5 back to home, eat, rest, sleep then back to work the next day. I wonder most of the time why we human living a robotic life but at the same time I know we have commitments and we have to earn for living. But at the same time I wanna live a life where I can be my own boss. But I enjoy working as an interior architect, at the same time could not handle those 4-5 projects stress. And after trying and trying for vacancies I managed to get customer service job in which I have to travel for 45 mins to work by bike. Its risky to travel by bike but i enjoy working at my new office in which I will be infront of my pc for 8 hours. But my gf is working hard to get me a permanent job at a place since the place Im working right now is under contract term. Now Im confused which one should I go after as the permanent place increments and benefits are better than the place Im working right now. What should I do? Anyone like me? Dont know what they actually want?

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