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I am a moody girl who always smiling … My problems is difftent … I have family who support me … And i have friends …
But have all but i am alone because i think no one respect my feelings … No wnats to know me … I want a friend who respect my feelings and thoughts …
I am a open minded girl who accepts everything … I don’t when people accepts me and understand me …

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things are messy. i can understand the phase. always surrounded by peoples still feel like alone


You are not alone! I have exactly the same feeling as you!


completely relate to what you are feeling girl. Trust me, these people in your life are there for a reason. We learn from everyone. Let is go, all you need is your own approval and trust me, learn to let go of these friends who do not care. As for family, re-evaluate what you are thinking maybe? because I am very sure families care about us and why not sit down and have an honest conversation with them and remember that you are loved!

Yash Siroya @yash_sir

Same is with me I need someone who can understand me or listen to me when I am talking and genuinely interested in having conversations and not just forced one

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