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I am a girl
I am attracted towards females emotionly , and towards males sexually
IDK what type of gender is this


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It is nothing you ara straight…don’t worry about this… it is normal hormone change in body…


not worrying, just curious!
like i love ladies how beautiful they are, how all of them deserve love, how beautifully they feel everything, how they carry themselves.
(i am a tom boy natured)
btw thank you :)


You feel the truth and politeness of the ladies… that’s great… we both have two different type of personality first for sexual and second for emotional…and some have so many… good luck for your future…


thank you so much for your opinion :)


Maybe try to google it… sexual orientation can be confusing


oh thank you! i did after this comment and result were just so interesting! thank you :)


well if u want to label it in some way okay, but u should know u can like whoever u want and have no label! :)


yes and label and all doesn’t matter to me! i am exploring myself and i am loving it all! btw thank you :)

u do bot need to lable urself straight away… if u feel like u are a part of the lgbtq community… u can call urself queer for now… and figure out the lable afterward… whenever u feel comfortable.