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I am a girl and i fell in love with a girl she is beautiful and she cared about me but i broke it off because of my non stability i knew from starting that i cant do relationships still i fell in love with her and in the end due to my health i hurt her


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Hey, I think nobody really knows what exactly love is, or how relationships work for that matter! I guess all of us are searching for that stability somewhere and I believe love allows you find that. So, never be afraid to confess or express your feelings. Hope you find what you seek real soon.
Best Wishes.

And, love has no boundaries… when we can fall in love with unmaterialistic things like pens or watches, then a girl falling in love with a girl should be quite normal right?! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

All the Best!


trust me their is no issues with girl falling for a girl but its my mental disorders and thankyou so much for this i really needed it