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I am a 25 y/o guy. Today when I was alone at my home I started crying and couldn’t stop sobbing for 1-2 hours. I feel alone and I constantly feel that people in my life are going to leave me. I am unable to sleep for more than 3 hours per day. I hate myself. I slapped myself multiple times in anger.

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Same here don’t worry


Buddy don’t worry.Why do you feel alone?See people are temporary things,they use us like cafe,parks,theatres etc,so try to understand that,if they leave you believe that they are not worth it,i know that you’re better than them all,why are you not able to sleep?whats’s making you do all this?what is the reason behind this feeling? I know that you’ll feel better you can vent it out here,we all are hear to help you,okay?:)


Dont hate yourself friend, dont think of yourself anything less, and also there will be a time that people in your life might leave you and we cant do anything to stop them to leave if they want too, it is just life is like that and we just have to cope up with it like a cycle, but know that there will also people that will come into your life and stay permanently and love and care for you. Just cherish every moment with the people you are with as of now, so you will not regret anything❣️I think you should somehow share your problems to someone you are comfortable with so your burdens become less. Just pray and everything will be alright. Godbless you more!❤️