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I am 27 and in a relationship for 2 years . The very first year was the happiest .I was the happiest person alive .we used to spend time a lot together just two of us. But gradually after a year I saw a change now he wants to be more around friends , he invites me and as I don’t have much friends I thought I would make new friends so I would always accompany him .But over the time it’s always whenever we meet is only with his friends . We just talk to each thee on phone and rest he would say to accompany with his friends . What I want is just two of us…not always but spending time alone is also important. Morever his friends would not invite me whenever he is not around . Been with there friends for 2 years I have never been invited or called or even msged in his absence.I only exist when he is around . What should I do. I feel alone and depressed


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Tell him all this. You thinking alone will not help!!


Yes I have been telling him since a long time. All he says is that why do you want me to stop hanging out with them and I should be greatful that he’s been inviting me each and every time they hangout.


I read your comments and everything else seems normal and fine, but the part where “you should be grateful!!” Did the guy actually told you this? If yes, I’m not sure what more to say. Guy are generally a bit carefree and less talkative about relationship stuff, but they do show their sincerity towards relationships by actions or outright. Ask yourself and him, do you guys see a future together? If yes, these things should be worked out accordingly


I completely feel how u must be feeling about this whole situation. Maybe you should not force yourself to go out with his friends.
🔷You can complete say that you dont want to go this time. See everything is completely your wish. Don’t force yourself to do things as people want you too.
This will give him signals that you are not up for groups of friends each time you go out.
🔷 You can talk to him while on call about how you feel about this. Also ask him if he could take out some time for just both of you.
🔷 I also feel when you hangout with him n his friends. His friends may be not treating you well or make you feel outsider.
Hope this helps.
Love & Strength to you


Yes it helped Thank you and yes I have discussed with him many a times. I personally feel that when a person is fully content with his friends , they don’t feel the need to be with their partner. I am very scared because I have been thinking of getting married with him . Morever he doesn’t have complains as much as I have. This makes me guilty