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I am 26. I feel anxious 24x7. Like i want to talk on text to someone. Like i want to feel like i have a person for me, whatever happens.
Is this normal?

Post anonymously?

It is normal whenever we feel anxious we run towards someone who listen us or give us advice look it is also bad because then everytime you feel anxious you will talk to that person or craving to talk and when they person ignore you or left you than again you feel emotional breakdown look you need to find the cause of this problems or anxiety and face them and it will help you and you can talk us whenever you feel something


This is exactly what is happening. I am not in good terms with my bf, also he is out for 10 days for work. My friends are all busy. I feel so anxious now. Like i am very lonely.

Look it is fine completely fine to feel these things and please don’t depend on someone else look you are also a wonderful person so you can listen things and whenever you face that situations just take a deep breath first and then you have us always there and look this things will happens again and again so face this anxious thoughts every thoughts that make you weak remember it is your life and you are main character of your life and we are here supporting cast and look we can help but you need to take decisions okay face it and it will make you strong


Thank you so much✨❣️🙂

I hope it helps you and we are always beside you

That’s alright whenever you wanna talk people are here to talk


I am so thankful to people here

Ya I know
This place is good to speak out what’s inside and really this place has helped me out really good.
Been feeling good nowadays


It’s completely normal. Reach out to someone and have a conversation.