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I am 21 years old. I have always been insecure about my wrinkles. All this started in my first year of college. However now that I look back, I realise I didn’t had wrinkles then. It’s now that I have wrinkles under my eyes. My mom and my friends tell me that this is all in my head. But I just can’t stop overthinking about it specially for the last 3 months. The anxiety about it has increased so much that sometimes I cry thinking about how i look. I feel i get a wrinkle line every few hours. I just keep checking myself in the mirror. I feel that everyone around me looks younger. Be it a woman in her 40s. My head will explode from all this overthinking. I just wish i get as young as I was 4-5 years back. My insecurities about it has increase so much that I don’t even want to look at my face during video calls. I am scared that this does not turn into something serious like body dismorphia disorder. I want to seek a therapist but I dont want to tell about my mental issues to my family. I have been crying internally for a long time now. Sometimes I try to convice myself that it’s all in my mind. But i just cant stop noticing the crease under my eyes that is forming. Literally everyone around me tells me I don’t have wrinkles. But i just dont know how they don’t see it. Now I look at my past photos (photos from last 1-3 months) with much kinder eyes, wishing I was as young as I was then. I just want to get rid of this overthinking. Its hampering with my daily routine a lot.


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Firstly stop overthinking and hydrate yourself more. And avoid people what they say you should only focus on your own body which is your temple. Be happy keep smiling.


i wish stopping overthinking was as easy as it seems. You can’t just stop overthinking as soon as someone tells you to do so. It’s not a button. That is what I am struggling with.