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I am 21 years old and broke up with my gf recently.Not because we both wanted to but that’s what it seemed to be right.she believe if you love you should let go and i believe if you really love, you should hold onto the person. Though i know she is right, it’s hard to accept the truth for me.

Devastated.i feel like i am loosing myself.i live in a country where there are different types of love are not accepted.i fell in love with a girl and for a fact i know she is the one for me. We broke up because she said this gonna hurt a lot of people and we can not be selfish. For our parents and family we stopped it. I still am talking to her.and she still loves me and so do i.and i don’t think i’ll ever be able to stop.i cry like a crazy person and i don’t know what to do to end this pain. I am angry at myself and all the world.i don’t want people near me and i don’t want to talk to anyone.only one friend knows bout my situation and i not in a situation where i can talk bout what i am going through.

Everything i wanted to do with my life, goals and future, i don’t see the point of it. I tried to analyse what i am going through and nothing is helping.

Feeling helpless.hopeless.tired of faking smiles and pretending to be happy.tired of crying.tired of everything.

Post anonymously?

You know she wasn’t meant for uh…!!! sometimes we just have to LET IT GO…!! cox holding it will give us too much pain…💔


Thank you for your thoughts. Appriciate it a lot❤

But i feel like i won’t ever be able to fall in love again.in fact i don’t want to.i want to live with the memories we made and cherish them till i die.i sometimes feel like i am watering a dead plant.but love for me is the purest thing it ever can be, and it feels so not right to let go. I want to hold on, and find a way to end this pain. I feel pathetic for feeling that way tbh.


Hey…if she’s really the ONE for uh than no matter whateva it’s going to be you both will end up together.no country,no rules can break you…

Just a word of advice
If eva your life becomes hard then u just have to go vth two main things
1)Stay strong and fight for it
2)Or Let it go

Apply this formula to your daily life and beleive me if you don’t find a change in yourself u can Tell me…(I have seen myself grow into a stronger person,am not that old girl anymore who’ll cry for anything,if I want something I fight for it and if I don’t get what I want i just hope mayb there’s something more special than this on it’s way yeh?or sumtimes when sumone close to me hurt me I would always go on with “LET IT GO” because honestly I don’t care…I can’t Let them decide my life)

Hope it’ll help uh…stay strong and hope for best💖


Thank you. It means a lot honestly❤


I understand you. I cannot judge your suffering but I can tell you one thing that you’re very strong and it is very bold of you to share you feelings with us.

I believe that you don’t want any advices you just want someone to listen to you and understand you. I believe that you’re a very strong person as you’re still fighting with the pain you’re going through and trying to make your life better everyday.


Thank you so much for understanding. Your words mean a lot❤