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i am 17. i have been dealing studies pressure for quite a long time and the postponement of entrance exams worsened it. i used to get angry at very small issues frequently but it got better in the last 2-3 years. i started to deal with situations in a more calm and humorous way if possible. but things went downhill during lockdown. my parents started to put more pressure on me to study and i could not just get the concentration for it. i started to get irritated at very small issues and today i got angry at a very small issue i shouldnโ€™t be angry at and i hit myself and then threw away my phone and it broke. never ever i had imagined to have so much rage in me. i cried a lot after i broke it and i still donโ€™t know why did it happen to me all of a sudden.

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Growing up normally is hard and growing up during a pandemic is especially difficult. Itโ€™s alright to feel angry and frustrated and not completely understand why youโ€™re feeling the way that you do. But itโ€™s also important to realize that those are just feelings and they will pass. Try taking some time for yourself and do a small thing that makes you happy. Try not to put so much pressure on yourself.


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