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I always had a dream to stay alone.
Then I came into a relationship. Then I dreamt of living with my partner. We broke up.
Now I have to stay alone. Moving to another city. Feeling scared. My ex partner is in the same city. I so wish my ex partner will contact me.
I am dreaming right?
I am so clueless what to do. I also want to stay alone and I also want the communication.
I am getting anxiety because of this.


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Post anonymously?

why are you moving to new city? Are you working? Is he a person who had issues with you which lead to break up? Why did you dream to live alone, any specific reason?
(Disclaimer: Assuming you are a girl)

Anonymous โ€ข

For my job, I am moving.
Living alone is one of my dream

Anonymous โ€ข

Just a dream to live alone. Thatโ€™s it.

Anonymous โ€ข

okay. Do you know anyone in the new city, friends-family? If its a new job and youโ€™re going to just start you work life then rest assured youโ€™ll make some friends at work. For the communication and anxiety part, there is no trick to bypass this. But this needs to happen other wise youโ€™ll never grow out of it in a healthy way if you keep thinking of living together. There are a lot of perspectives to talk about. Just know youโ€™re not alone in this!! Keep sharing, itโ€™ll lighten the burden