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I already had a feeling when I was like 13 years old that there’s something different in me but I ignored it. I chose to continue the life I’ve been living as a good son, good friend, good Christian and good student. I was happy and I am still is. The difference between then and now is just I feel so empty. I’m 22, most of my friends are straight guys, my family is a conservative one and I’ve figured this thing in me just by earlier this year. Right now that I’m trying to sort things out and understand this different feeling, it’s so confusing. I feel like I am being torn apart. Should I continue the path I’ve been taking ever since or should I try to be open to this change I am still not yet ready to experience?

Post anonymously?


First things first, you are valid, and loved. SO loved!
I’m proud of you for sharing this.

Secondly, I read this somewhere when I was younger, but it changed my entire life. It said, “change is the only constant”. You tell me, if the world 50 years ago was too comfortable in its position, would there be any development? I’m not saying that these situations are the same, but I think that one should be open to change, especially if the ‘normal’ is getting suffocating. Hope this helps.



Hi, Tina. Thanks for replying and for giving me this amazing advice. I totally agree with everything you’ve just mentioned here and as for me, maybe sooner or later, I’ll be able to do it. I just need more time to think and to prepare myself. There are just so many people involved and so many things to compromise once I let this thing out and choose accepting this change which could be the biggest change of my life as a young adult.
But a part of me looks forward to it. A part of me wants to try, however, a huge part of me thinks otherwise. It’s really difficult to be in this kind of position. I hope to go through this one day. I really do.


There’s absolutely no rush. Take all the time that you need. Whatever your choice, I hope it makes you truly happy. Glad I could help!


You know what this reason is not enough for anyone to not accept you or love you because first of all this is a medical condition and second you are the same person so they will love you as they did before…

Why you should not go by the path of hiding this?

Okay so you will one day break out after being frustrated and that will be worse at that time soo better get things cleared to everyone and enjoy your life without any fear


I wish it is that easy, but in reality, it’s one of the hardest things to do for someone who is still new to this kind of thing and it’s as much as hard for the people I love. Thanks for your encouragement btw. I appreciate it so much.


It is not easy but behind this mountain of fear there is better life waiting for you it’s your call to go there or not