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I almost 30yo now. My mom keep nagging me about married. She really wants me to get married faster. She worried that I will be alone if she died since she is really old now. It’s not that I don’t want to get married but I really don’t have anymore right now. I’m kinda stress sometimes but try not thinking about it often. I’m afraid to get into a relationship since I have MDD and anxiety. I feel like no one can understand and accept me for who I am.


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Don’t think like that dude!
You just need someone to accept you that how you are


Yeah I know right. But it’s not easy to find one. anyway thanks.


Yeah I know it! Can we be friends?


Sure! of course


Are you comfy with talking outside?


I understand. Going through something similar but had a bf who broke up before marriage. I am 29 and trying to pick my pieces together. Now comes the family pressure of finding a guy to marry me off as it is already late age wise. I get panic attacks thinking about someone else right now. Just take care of your mental health and learn to love yourself before trying to find someone.


I’m sorry to hear what happened to you. I broke up with my bf last year and kinda want to focus on myself for now. But yeah family pressure is no joke. Anyway thanks.


Tbh the idea of getting married is tiring. No one wants to take free ki shit. I don’t understand why marriage is so overrated. Our parents don’t want to keep a girl at their home after she turns 25. They keep poking just like the society. Girls can take their responsibility, our society needs to understand that. They ain’t any khuli tijori or something like that. Girls need that kind of environment where they are not pressurized for anything. The decision should be theirs to opt for something or not. Living at someone else’s home isn’t easy, Managing a life after marriage isn’t easy, giving up on your career isn’t easy. Why our parents don’t understand that not every girl want marriage.