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I absolutely cannot stand people who cuss . This is solely because of my father. It is quite normal for him to use cuss words in his language in front of me. I understand when u use it when u are extremely angry or frustrated but he uses them as a normal part of his vocabulary as if it is normal that too on the top of his lungs( he speaks extremely loudly). I have seen his friends only being So careful Abt not using cuss words around their children no matter how angry or how much they hate someone so why can’t my father. He can control his language when he is around other family members like my grandparents. He can cuss Abt anything and anyone and doesn’t seem or want to understand the other person’s perspective (it’s mostly outsiders) It seems like my mother doesn’t like it too but she doesn’t say a word to him . I mean she should be the one saying something to him when I as a child can’t. I can’t tell him to watch his language we don’t have that kind of relationship + he is a typical Indian man. I get soooooo mad and frustrated. Pls help we how can I not get mad or affected or do something on personal level.

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MM @monkeymind

See I can understand what you feel like… Because it’s just somehow part of everyone’s life… If he’s using cuss words then I guess all you can do is just start ignoring him for such things… Because changing this habit of him is kinda risky as you told he is just like typical Indian dad… So it won’t be a good idea so all we can do is just change ourselves just start ignoring him just go to another room whenever he do so… Or just start listening something you like… Songs, podcasts or whatever just to forget about it…I guess it will help you a bit… 😊

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This thought has been deleted by the thought author
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