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Human civilization is full of dissatisfaction, anger and selfishness. I give up expressing my feelings and concepts to them. One of the main factors is that nobody wants to chat, obviously I have a dark thought and I’m still here talking about depression and suicide and nobody listening to me

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Okay I will tell you one thing and try to imagine it.

There is so many things this changing and fast moving world is feeding you. For suppose, you always have so many options, so many memes, so much news etc.,. But we as humans have to learn to slow down a bit. Sorry this world has been harsh on you but you could always chose to be different.

We hear a lot of stuff, we see so many movies, we use mobiles a lot and in some way all our minds are just bombarded with all the information we do not know what to do with.

There is literally so much of brain dump, unwanted thoughts.

But listen we could always choose to control them or let them control us.

There is no two ways about it, we just have to learn to consume less when it comes to our brain.

Im sorry that you might be going through a lot but there will be people who like you the way you are.
This community will always be there to support. Just try to love yourself more and be the change you want to see in other people.
Take care

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I’m listening