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How to move on from someone we love


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Ahm…i was in a relationship for 2yrs and then 2months ago we broke up…so what i did to move on was…a few weeks of silence and self love…i saw him being this friendly and touchy with other girls and it used to hurt me a lot…but then i started making new friends here on this site…started hanging out the boys (which i couldn’t do becoz of my relo)😂 and meditation,journaling,affirmations…helped me a lot…started focusing on my dance ans studies…and here im…it dosent hurt anymore…i feel like im healing and it makes me feel good…like yeah i do still love him but i have accepted the fact that this is how it was supposed to be…😂❤


What is relo??



That’s really nice to hear, I ll try this too

You thank the relationship for what it taught you. It has prepared you for your next.

You got to discover yourself. You also learnt the ways you can Love and care for someone other than yourself.

What helps to move on quickly is to cut off contact for few months. If you slip it’s okay. This helps you to stop being triggered into getting those loving feelings again.

Your lesson here is to understand that you tied your happiness with something outside of you. If a breakup can can cause the loss of happiness, then it’s not a real source.

Real happiness is found in your awareness. Happiness is the nature of your awareness. It’s found in the question: What is aware of my experiences?. That awareness is constant and never changes. Abide in it and then everything will appear loving.

It’s really important that you forgive yourself and your significant other. Wish them the best and thank them for an epic chapter of your life. Go through all stages of grieving.

Good luck.


I sometimes feel bad tho in a unwanted manner but at some point of stage I became toxic for him and that makes me feel really guilty and sad

I admire your courage to look at yourself as you are or were without making excuses. Half of the work is done when you acknowledge your dark side.

It’s nothing to be guilty or be ashamed about. Infact the more you let it come out the lighter it becomes. If you could have been some other way in the past you would already have been.

The ego is a formidable entity and it’s easy to get in its trap. That’s why I told you to forgive yourself no matter how you were or are.

Guilt isn’t beneficial, while Regret is. If you have a deep Regret for what you did in the past, you get freed by it. You see that it is the way it was and you learn the important lesson.

You acknowledge with
Regret that there was an error of toxicity in the relationship and wish that you won’t make the same mistake again. Your commitment to this itself is powerful.

Suffering for to the past by Self-pity and remorse is egoic and self-indulgent. You may want to avoid that. Right now imagine if he was suffering the same way, would you want it for him?

Obviously no. So why can’t you expect the same from yourself. It will take some time for this to happen. And so now you know that only a Mindshift change is required.

Have you talked about this with anyone? I bet typing here is cathartic and gives the mind a medium to release all it has been suppressing down.

Find someone with whom you can talk with and lay out your worries. Everyone needs a friend during these times.

Please cheer up when the time is right. It’s alright to grieve now. Let it all out. Cry if you want to.

Does all this make sense?


Meditation … rebound sex 😉… drinking … reading books watching series. In short basically anything that takes your mind off of it even for a little while