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How to get separate from your parents if you’re just 18 ??


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Make sure you can live by your own before bringing this thought to live. Think about this living separately thought carefully and observe it thoroughly. Check yourself if that makes you happy living for permanently.

Sit with them and talk freely what you want to achieve in life and why you want to stay away from them and also ask them the risks involved in living separately from them.

Understand the importance of life and living life. You are thinking about living your life. Explain them very politely without any emotions.

If they deny, remember they are your parents. Accept it and think about why it is good for you they denying, instead of why should i stick with them.

That is the difference between other living beings and human beings. We care our kids a lot, not just until they can live by their own.


Hm, I don’t know. Do you know anyone that did that? Maybe they can help or do research on google. Are you ok?


that’s a risk I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone unless a person is financially stable.!!


You can’t do it until you are financially independent.
So just focus on your studies, so that you get a decent earning job, and then seperate


Yes , totally agree but i don’t know what to do and how to do… I’ll be doing mbbs this year but from private clg and as usual Indian parents paisa bhi humne lagaya humne tujhe pero pr khada kiya or tu hume he chod rha h bla bla…


Haan to mbbs karoge to waise bhi college mein rahoge na, I hope ghar pe reh k to nahi karoge, aur job karne lagoge to jaruri thodi hai saath mein rahoge, durr rehne lagoge tk sab sahi hojayega.
Jab main ghar pe rehti thi to mujhe bhi aisa hi lagta tha, ab dusre city mein rehti hun to theek hai, kuch rishton mein durr rehna jaruri hota haj


If you’re not financially stable then the best thing to do is to take admission to a college in different state :p


I wouldn’t rush out of your family home unless there was no other choice…

you’re still young, focus on being a mature adult, ask yourself can you live independently… I mean really ask yourself have you got the time and money to cook, clean, pay bills, wash your clothes, make time to see everyone important in your life while staying on top of your own?

you need to ask yourself some basic questions and really think about your decision if you’re really planning to leave.

- Is life really that bad at home that you’re in a rush to leave? 😕
- Would you be happy to leave you parents and (younger siblings if any)?
- Have you asked mature people around you what they think of the idea?
- Can you support yourself financially? (can your partner)?
- Are you prepared mentally (is your mind at a mature level)?

“If you are a girl then I wouldn’t advise leaving you home at such an early stage in you’re life, the harsh reality is. The world has changed and continuing to change, Yes! and living by yourself means you’re going to be ALONE for long durations of time. can you handle being alone…I don’t mean for a couple of hours or days no, I’m talking about the rest of your life (or until you situation changes)? the reason I’m saying this is because it doesn’t matter where you are in the world WOMAN & CHILDREN are always classed as victims in this world. FACTS! don’t put yourself in a position where you haven’t got support around you as there are MANY GUYS/YOUNGBOYS who pray on the weak and vulnerable. Its a beautiful world out there, for sure but also filled with people who are nasty, unkind, manipulative and controlling. you may think you’ve seen it all and you know it all (I think we all did at that age) but the truth you don’t know as much as you think you do.”