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How to develop a belief that things would work for you?
Maybe things haven’t been working for me for quite some time now and I guess this is the reason behind my skepticism. I dont know, wherever there is some sort of luck or number game involved in a situation,I automatically assume I am not gonna make it.
I have never always been this way, but with time I have become so. This trust issue I am having with my luck or Universe or God, whatever it is, is giving me a very hard time taking decisions in life and converting it into an anxious person. Whenever I am in some sort of a bad situation, or whenever some problem arise, I lose it. I have become incapable of even thinking about a situation where something would work for me or I would be favoured in any manner. I am completely lacking faith.

If any one of you have an understanding about it or can advise something, please do. I am open to spiritual or religious inputs. I just wanna start believing again.


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Start with meditation and 1 positive thought at a time like today is my best day. Send positive vibes to universe. I know a page known as" joininghands.in ". Follow in to ig and fb


Thankyou so much