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How to deal with toxic dominating in laws ? They have literally ruined my life . I m lost . I feel dead since I got married . My husband is the best but he is also being controlled by his father and mother financially because his father is a wealthy man . His father gives him everything yet nothing . I have had a different life before I got married . I had the most comfortable and luxurious life before I got married . But after I got married I lost my job due to the pandemic .I have spent most of my savings on my wedding . Due to this pandemic even my husband who is into business has nothing to offer as he himself is struggling . I cannot believe how my life has turned upside down in one year and now I have to even think of getting basic stuff for the house . My husband has always been very supportive of me and he loves and respect me . But he is still under his dad financially and can’t even stand for himself or for me . His parents insults me on my face and demands respects for themselves. His parents wants us to sit and stand on their command . His mom always dominates me and tell me how I don’t know shit ! They have no clue how my life used to me before and how independent I have been my whole life . Only thing I wanted from them was love and respect . At times when his dad wants to be nice with me his mom gets jealous and we can see that clearly . I have moved out of my comfort zone just to make them happy by making special food desserts etc . Because they always tell me how they wish their daughter in law to make tea for them and serve them . I grew up in a different culture where my parents have never treated me like I need to cook or clean n do household work . I have always been working woman . It’s not wrong to do household chores but it wrong when my mom in law said that I can do the dishes but not her son ever ! Because he has always been a prince in his family. Hello !! Even I have been a princess in my family but my parents have always helped each other and same me and my husband believe . They have a old mentality where they think that a man has to dominate his wife . Wtf ! I cannot believe these people !!! I am not someone who usually take shit ! But just because I love my husband I don’t want to create dramas but todayy in laws and us had a big argument where they were the only one talking and suppressing our voices . We might not be always right and same goes to them ! But no ! According to them they are all elders and they know everything! I have so many things to write but cant! Please guys somebody help me because I am going crazy and I am so close to lose it !


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Maybe find job and move out. When people give you shelter and food, they want you to be their slave .


In this pandemic there are no jobs at all ! You are right we are being treated as slaves . But the issue is his dad is a dangerous man . He does whatever he wants with money . So even if we move out he might chase us down and make our lives living hell .

Damn are they even human? Sick mentality


Is karma real ? Like today I have been treated like shit and I have been made so sick of myself that this all seems like a bad dream . My in laws already made an image of me (from first day of our marriage )that daughter in laws manipulates their son and wants to take control of everything. Whereas I m the one who is so fking stupid to tell their son that once he is settled he need to gift them and feed them and take care of them like they did these years . No matter how much I try for them to like me , they will always hate me ! Will this phase ever end for me ? Will I ever get my life back ?