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How much people may say that we don’t need someone or we need to appreciate ourselves or help ourselves and we are not supposed to depend on anyone. But I think this has been put very wrongly. If we want to do that then we should become a saint and go to the Himalayas. Because as a human we can never learn everything alone nor we can do everything alone. We’ll always need someone.
I think the first person who said it, he meant it for the peoples who are too dependent on others for their life and by the time we have generalized it.
These quotes I think are generally very misunderstood the author has a very different context in mind and we generalized it for everything. I realized this when I started writing my own thoughts about life.
I believe this is the reason that even in this very connected world we are not so connected.

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Definitely. Don’t ever take the literal meaning of quotes. They has ruined more lives than they have bettered.


good share.