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How it feels to be loved?

Post anonymously?

When you are with the right person your heart will tell you!
And feeling loved by someone is not all about a partner
It could be your parents
Or your friends or someone close to you!
When u are loved in the right way you heart will be at peace !
You are not worried about anything or anyone !
You know that you have the best and you know that this person is all that I ever wanted !


Will wait for this to happen someday. Thanks.


I also want to know, didn’t got much attention tho.

You definitely will. You totally deserve to. I wish I could help you with this. Please keep your hopes high. Sometimes we need to wait for some things…but those things when they happen, are totally awesome. I really do believe there are amazing experiences in store for you. Please keep talking. It feels good. :)

I am really sorry dear. I feel you. I know why you write that. I know what you really mean and want. I also want to experience that. :)

Please know that you are a lovable person and you do deserve to be loved exactly as you are - with nothing to remove or add. You are going to have that really soon. I assure you that. Please know that I am here for you. Feel free to express your feelings. You deserve to be loved and cared for. You deserve to be loved in the way you want. Stay Blessed. :)


Thanks for such kind words. It helped me a bit. But I don’t think I have enough left of me to feel it.

You are so welcome dear. You made me feel really good. Please let me do that for you too. Please let me know what has happened to make you feel like that. What is going on in your life ? I am here to listen and to help you with this.


No one can understand it.

I agree. I or maybe someone else might not be able to know and understand what you really feel and what you are really going through. However, atleast maybe your burden with lighten a little, your head and chest may feel a little lighter than before. Maybe…just maybe someone could get atleast 1% of what you are going through and that would make you feel really good. Even if not, they can be with you while you are going through this, maybe that could help. There are many good things possible. Please keep going. I am listening to you. :)