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How is life after a divorce ? Does the loneliness and struggle to fend for yourself make you regret your decision of divorcing ? Is there anyone here who thinks that divorce made your life even more challenging ? Share your thoughts pls.


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Please take this suggestion from people who took divorce, not from random people.
Its very big decision of life, and you may end up ruining yourself


If you are not satisfy or unhappy when you were married then its great to be divorce , so if you feel lonely then try to know people in your society and make new friends and start again life is about stop and go on… Sometimes you have to stop at some point and start again walking . This is hard but this is life


Hi, I’m recently divorced but I have been separated for quite long time… well to say my decision to divorce has caused pain to me and my parents… with really no plans of what my future will be… but one think I’m certain that I can’t look or go back to that person who gave nothing but pain and feel hurt all the time… so ask this question to yourself first are ready to go back or move on?