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How does one love themselves ? I have hated myself since the time I can remember, how do I go about loving myself or even liking myself? People tell me love yourself but I don’t know how.

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Hey! Great question, I think self love is a very personal journey . You need to treat yourself like the person whom you would love the most. Second comes mindset. You need to have faith in yourself that you are an absolutely amazing and beautiful the way you are.
Some practical things that you can do to love yourself can include tasks such as
- writing in a diary a few things you like about yourself
- appreciating yourself the way you are
- the most important one if self talk!! positive self talk is so so important to loving yourself. you must, on a daily basis talk to yourself like you are the best person who is absolutely amazing.

Tip: you need to be your number 1 fan. No one will come and tell you your worth, you must create your worth in your mind and then carry yourself like you are the King/Queen of this place!

Know your worth

take care and enjoy the self love journey x


Thanks for this. I am glad you took time to write such a long reply I really appreciate it. You are amazing. Thank you.


No worries!
If you wish you may follow my self help page on instagram its called vibe.with.rajvi

Feel free to send a msg if you need any more assistance with the self love journey. I am here to help x


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