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How do you keep a long distance relationship?how can you not have trust issues with someone you havent met for years…


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Its okay to day dream.
If you have a loyal person you hardly need these things.


Thats the problem…ive known him since high school…he has been such a great person…but i dont know if he has changed already…i entered this relationship but im not sure of anything…

Be sure of yourself, believe it or not , nobody would be beside you for forever including your parents too. Just be sure about yourself that incase things go wrong you will be okay. Enjoy ur relationship as long distance has its own beautiful moments.


Trust your guts. You know what when one in the relationship is cheating the other can sense it… You may just leave it as overthinking but when you get to know the truth with the proofs you will be broken.


It’s normal to have poor trust issues in a long distance relationships that doest mean it’s ok . U need to be open and have a good enough bond to explain it to your partner. Any type of ego =disaster