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How do you get over a guy who you’ve broken up years back. I feel bad to put it out even here, i don miss him i don want him but i juss miss the best happy times we had. Over years we being together i ignored all my frnds and today when he is not there i don have my friends either stuck in this lone loop.


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It’s okk to miss someone you broke up years ago and remembering the happy moments. But it was bad to ignore your friends. And it’s fine…it was your past, you have a whole future left. Rise and shine princess. The world is waiting for you.


Hey wanna talk it we can talk in a private space (means talking privately ) where you can tell me everything and it will be safe and I wanna help you


you just have to accept the fact that you were not right couple and move on.

past always haunt us but you need to accept the reality