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How do we know our significant other d
oes not prioritize us? I feel he cares more about his friends and family than me. All his plans revolves around them. I’ve talked about how I feel about this to him, but he just keeps saying I’m just feeling that way and it’s not true.


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Then give him reality checks and make him realize those incidents and ask how in any manner he has made any plans (which you are comparing) with you. 🌈


no. feelings can’t lie. if you are feeling that means that’s happening.


I agree to this u can’t feel something if that’s not really happening and this is what guys do they always manipulate us into believing that we jus overthtink a lot give him an option between 2 and tell him that if he wants u too in his life then he has to give you equal priority

Read it somewhere. ‘‘If they love you- you’ll know. If they don’t-you’ll be confused.’’
I hope it helps you see things clearly.


Well being a very family loving person , my first priority is them and then only my partner. My partner doest come from a good family but rather a unstable abusive one so they never understood me . I explained how much I love them and what both of them means , they understand.