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How do I start loving my body? I am so insecure about it…
I was hanging out with my friends last week, we were chatting, playing games, having a lot of fun… Then came dinner time. One of my friends ate till his full and had leftovers. He offered the leftover to me because none of us like wasting food. Now, it was no secret that I was a little overweight, but he didn’t offer me thinking that I eat more. I was just sitting beside him. He had no motives for making me feel bad, I know it! But I still felt a bit offended. I didn’t let anyone know though.
Suddenly, I was very conscious about the way I look and started feeling very insecure about my body… No one has ever told me anything bad about my body image, but I just can’t accept myself as who I am.


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See you are somewhat insecure if you can’t accept how you look then make a change start working out maybe but be clear of one thing every body is beautiful and love yourself first.


Hey once I asked my cousin if I looked like a dustbin to her . She had no intentions of hurting me yet I snapped . The problem is we don’t accept and love ourselves enough . And there will be countless times in the future when we get triggered and it will continue if we dont start working on loving ourselves. Accept yourself or change it. However , sizes don’t define us . Remain healthy . Sending love , you are not alone ♡