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How do I make friends?
I hardly ever convert any acquaintances to friends.
And in the very few friends I have, no one considers me a close friend, let alone their best friend.
And whatever friendships I have never last long.
It hurts when I think I might be someone’s close friend, then I realise they don’t think like that at all. They’re just very nice and I’m just a normal friend.

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I honestly I’m not the best person to answer this cause tbh Im going through the same thing, which is why Im on here
But I guess stuff like this takes time, to get close to someone


But it never happens with me
People get closer with other people whom they’ve known for waaay lesser time, while I just remain as “that friend”

Sweety Priya @sweety1422

Do go choose the person u need there would be atleast one person to speak with u and be ur close frnd if at all u don’t have anyone don’t wry u can speak with me ☺️


I totally relate to you!
I always wonder how everyone around me have so called “best friends” while I have none to share anything that is bothering me or something I’m happy about.
Finding genuine friendship is with almost 0% possibility in my life.
Hope atleast you get to make few friends 🙂

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