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how do i know if im ready for a relationship? i know this girl likes me, i think i like her too, idk how to know if im ready for this though. the only thing that feels like is stopping me is the fact everyone would find out im bisexual (im still in the closet, shes the only one that knows im bi)and the fear of the break up (which i really hope would never happen), ig people have to find out eventually about me being bi though. i guess if i really like her then it wouldnt matter though would it? i just want a few things to think about.


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Don’t hide your sexuality from anyone… friend
Last ,
Do whatever you wanna do…
Best of luck!!


Okay listen. I’m dating a girl too. And I’m hella closeted because my parents are so orthodox I’m afraid i might be living on a road if i told them😅. In your case. You would never know if you are ready or not untill you just do it. It’s the same like you aren’t going in the water because you are afraid that if you would be able to swim or not.
About being closeted if you think that your surrounding is not safe for you to come out you can wait untill you be independent like I’m waiting. If it’s safe enough then you should just be out. You can lose some friends maybe but this is how it’s gonna be . Now or after. And people would still be with you too.
In both cases if you like that girl . Go for it. Life is too short to care about people and depriving yourself from love my budd.
I wish you all the very best