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How can you mend a broken heart
How can you stop the rain from fallin
How can you stop the sun from shinin

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Dear one you can mend a broken heart by giving it time to heal
By being patient n determined
By not giving up hope…
By helping urself…
Sunshine is very imp
Pls donot think of stopping it
Just think of stopping the rain from falling through your eyes…

You deserve to be happy n peaceful…
You deserve to be loved…
Love urself…
Pamper urself
Embrace your life…
Try to make someone else smile…

Be courageous
You are stronger than you know…
Have 100 percent faith on urself
Keep rocking
Take care…

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Turtle @turtle09

Mending is gonna be painful. If you take it literally, needle pricks are painful and yet it creates a masterpiece. Same way mending broken heart is gonna be painful but worthy. Though literal needles are not the option. Rain in someway creates life and Sun lets it be. Better days are ahead 🙂

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