how can i try to be patient with someone ? my sister with her toxic mouth has been making me hate life more and more, i wanna die. but if i go against her, i’m gonna be hit again

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Therealifecoach @therealifecoach

Don’t try. Focus on becoming patient with yourself, first. You cannot give patience or hold it in the presence of adversity if you do not already have it, first. Thus, establish yourself in the presence of peace by surrendering to how you feel. Give up trying to control and sit until peace dawns on you. A full tutorial will be posted today at it is called Non-Meditation.
Once you have peace, then we can discuss the next step.


thank you, i hope this helps me

Therealifecoach @therealifecoach will now take you directly to the PDF for my practical guide to inner-peace.If you sincerely follow the instructions on this guide, you will experience peace(upon surrendering all efforts to control yourself or anyone else). Once you are able to experience peace, recall your most recent experiences with your sister. Hear what she says. But do not react or respond internally. Then return to peace. Continue to alter your perspective of the situation with peace until you are able to mentally experience the arguments with her, but without reacting.If you can maintain your peace in the mental experience, you will maintain in the physical experience. I offer many more free tips at :)

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